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In The Beginning...

Founded in 1978 by the directors of Hotchkiss Ductwork, Plant Movements was born out of the requirement to safely move air handling plant on the major projects Hotchkiss were involved with.

Starting from humble beginnings, the company soon established itself as a pioneer for solutions not only for the air handling market but the entire construction sector. The company grew over the following years in both structure and experience, establishing itself as the leading exponent in the field of plant handling.

In 2002 the company was subject to a management buy-out from the then-parent company, Hotchkiss. As an independent company, Plant Movements continued to grow, adding experienced operatives to the team and a fleet of specialist vehicles to complement the whole end-to-end project management structure.

Management Buy-Out

Now MD for Plant Movements, John Miller ensured the smooth transition of ownership from previous shareholder and partner Peter Walter finalised in 2012. The two men led the management buy-out of the company from the Hotchkiss Group in 2002. Since then, it has grown to become one of the country’s leading specialists in the movement and handling of all types of heavy plant and equipment. The business found itself in a far stronger position after the orderly handover. Many client companies have reason to be grateful for Plant Movements determination to find a solution to almost any problem involving the movement or handling of heavy and bulky plant items. Nik Askaroff, CEO of EMC Management Consultants Ltd, has been a long-standing adviser to John and Peter since he masterminded their MBO back in 2002.


Plant Movements is going from strength to strength as one of the market leaders in this specialist field. Our combination of an excellent team, experience and a vast range of equipment at our disposal makes us ready to handle any project.
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