Lifting Cages

Plant Movements now has a further weapon in its ever-growing armoury of solutions to the problem of lifting and installing large, heavy and awkward loads to high-rise buildings.


Called the ‘Podlifter’ (also known as Cage Lifts, Lifting Cages or Pod Lifting), it is an open-topped cage that can be loaded on the ground and then hoisted by crane to the required level before being secured to the building with adjustable straps to prevent it moving while the load is removed.  Intended as an alternative to traditional cantilever loading platforms, and originally designed to help with the installation of more than 1,000 five-tonne prefabricated bathroom pods at a new London hotel, the Podlifter is suitable for lifting almost any load that is too heavy or too large to go in a hoist.


Plant Movements managing director John Miller said “We’re really pleased to have this additional piece of kit, along with a fully-trained crew, available to help with the installation or removal of plant, air handling units, fit out materials and so on.  It offers a very practical, time-saving and safe alternative to cantilever platforms. Because it can be loaded by forklift at ground level, it also means that crane time isn’t wasted.  This is part of our on-going investment programme designed to ensure that we are equipped to provide all our clients with the very best”.


The Podlifter is designed so that it can be unloaded from either end when suspended from the crane – making it particularly useful in tight spots. In addition, a ‘flush to floor’ landing ramp that extends onto the floor slab allows tall objects to be inserted into the building with no reduction in headroom and also provides a level surface for pallet trucks to unload. Because the full weight of both the Podlifter and its load are taken by the crane, there is no need for additional propping to the building (as is often the case for cantilever platforms). It also does away with the need for temporary works calculations to be carried out for different load scenarios.


Sizes and working load requirements can be obtained from the Plant Movements team and, where required, designed to your specific requirement.  We have a range of bespoke cages for lifting pods, general materials and all types of equipment. If you’d like to discuss one of your projects with our friendly team then please get in contact with us today.