Helicopter Lifts

Helicopter Lift or Helicopter Cranes (as they are sometimes referred to) are as the name suggests the lifting of something using a helicopter to lift and move large plant and equipment.


We use a Heavy Lift Helicopter which is capable of lifting weights of up to 5,000 kgs. Helicopter Lifts are useful when access to and from a site may be an issue. This might mean that it is geographically isolated (such as a location in the outer Hebrides) or it may be located in a highly congested area which has issues with access (such as a central London underground station). Using a helicopter means you don’t need to worry about road closures or access to the same degree as using traditional lifting.


We are able to use a complete service which includes ground crew included in a logistics package to organise air space control and the access requirements for the project. Accuracy and precision of planning and implementation for this type of project is essential and we have a vast amount of experience to deal with this to ensure that all goes smoothly.


Helicopter Lift or Sky Cranes have been used since they were first invented in the 1950’s by the logging industry to access areas which were too remote for conventional machinery movement. In the 1960’s onwards it was adopted by the construction industry and today provides a cost-effective option for moving large plant.


Plant Movements have a wealth of experience in projects which require Helicopter Lifts.  We have a team of excellent project managers who can organise the delivery of any logistics operation so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We have carried out a number projects involving helicopter lifts, such as Westfield Shopping Centre and Victoria Station. Very recently we completed a project for a large office block at Kingswood in Surrey which involved moving 10,000 kgs in component parts of 3,500 kgs  (AHUs & Chillers).


The helicopters use a long-line vertical reference flying method which involves using a fixed-line beneath the helicopter (of up to 100 metres length and sometimes longer). Such line lengths allow the lifting of equipment in congested locations such as narrow streets without compromising the safety of the adjacent buildings or equipment.


Helicopters are not just useful for lifts where it’s impossible to use a crane. They are also fast which makes them extremely effective in reducing road closure times and limiting disruption to traffic.


If you have a project you’d like to discuss then please get in contact with us and speak to one of our friendly team.