Flat Bed Trucks

Flat-bed trucks, as the name suggests, have a flat body/chassis with no sides and no roof, used for machinery moving. They are particularly useful for easily loading large and heavy plant which isn’t affected by precipitation (rain) due to the lack of a roof or for plant which is too large to fit into a closed-body truck.


Our flat-bed trucks come in 40′ Standard Flat Beds, Extendable Low Loaders, Semi Low Loaders and Swan Necks.  We can also provide Curtain Siders and 30′ Rigid Flat Beds.  Multi-axle vehicles can be provided to move abnormal loads which are overweight or over-sized for standard vehicles. We have  unlimited access to all types of  machinery movers.


As with all our transportation equipment, we can utilise the flat-bed trucks as part of a site-wide logistics package or in isolation, whatever the project requires.

With our transportation partners we can provide fully compliant Crossrail and Network Rail vehicles.

All vehicles and operators/drivers are  FORS compliant.


To find out more about our flat-bed trucks and discuss any questions you may have with our friendly team, please press the button below and contact us today.