Recent Projects

Smithfield's Market Tunnel Upgrade

  1. Installation of additional support steels in the underground arches below Smithfield’s market

  2. The steel weight 3200kgs 6m in length had to be turned behind the existing columns and lifted up into position using the pick and carry crane with hydraulic searcher hook.

  3. To carry out the installation we required a hydraulic gantry & counterbalance forklift as well as the pick and carry crane all lifting steel components to complete the install.

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Broadgate, London

Containerised backup power Generators at Broadgate, London.
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Roof Top Cooling Towers

Craneage of Roof Top Cooling Towers

  1. Complex lifts of component parts
  2. Rooftop assembly
  3. Complete access solution installed for maintenance.
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Shard Place, Stainless steel pool

Transporting wide load swimming pool sections & lifting onto roof at the Shard building.
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Great Ormond Street Hospital

Lifting and Logistics Project part of the extensive redevelopment at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.
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